Name : Junesh Raman
Age : 22
Course : CE
Year : 2
Instutute : NTU
This module explores the business implications of the rapid diffusion and adoption of new electronic media such as the Internet and data-enabled cell phones. As a Computer Engineering student, this module aids me in using my computing knowledge in the field of business.
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MB362 Electronic and Mobile Commerce
This blog is specially dedicated to my course module MB362. I will be posting interesting articles that is related to Electronic and Mobile Commerce on weekly basis...
Thursday, April 07, 2005

Final Post 
My Final Post

Sigh.. The time has come.. This will be my final post for in this blog (for this semester at least). Will be busy studying for exams. Anyway, had learned a lot by forcing myself to read up and search for different articled on Electronic and Mobile Commerce to build this blog. Also by reading up friends blog and talking to them about it. (Now i know the purpose of the blog)

We had done our final presentation, was nice looking at all our classmates presenting for the final time the entire idea. Our group is the only one that had a demo running on one screen and the presentation on the other. And we used my beautifully created flash as intro (finally), and the lecturer was happy with that. :-) Anyway, i think me and my group did well for the project, thanks a lot guys.. Very nice working with you all.

I am going to miss this lesson. My first business module, wanted to try it out. The lecturer had made it very interesting. It was more of a learning through experience process than studying and memorizing like other subjects. Overall, I would say that this module has actually exposed to us the real world out there, especially when it comes to business and has equipped us with a reasonable knowledge of latest technology especially in electronics and communications.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone especially Professor Arthur Lee Gilbert and my groupmates for helping me in this blog. Thanks a lot.
Junesh Raman @ 1:18 PM
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Interesting Article 11 

This is an informative article, which gives us the awareness of the various mobile multiplayer goes that are being released and the popular type of games bought by users.

In February 2005, the top five BUY games on 3 were:
1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Macrospace)
2. Pub Darts (Iomo)
3. Wacky Races (Macrospace)
4. Pub Pool (Iomo)
5. Flintstones Bedrock Bowling (Macrospace)

Junesh Raman @ 12:56 AM
Thursday, March 24, 2005

Interesting Article 10 
Services offered by Singtel for 3G!

This is more of an information based article for you guys to realise what our local service providers are offering for 3G.
Junesh Raman @ 3:36 PM
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Interesting Article 9 

RaDiation! (Might be a bit out of topic, interesting though)
Wanted to know about radiation and how it affects us?

We've heard from various sources that handphone radiation does effect our body. However, none is proved so far. Then again, don't be surprised if you get a migraine after hanging out on a call for hours.

Junesh Raman @ 4:53 PM
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Interesting Article 8 
A 3G Girlfriend??

"The Virtual Girlfriend is a very innovative mobile game that is based on intelligent animated 3-D characters (avatars) that live in a virtual mobile world. The virtual girls can be contacted and seen using a 3G phone at any time. However, the characters will be involved in different activities during the day, for example, the girlfriend may be in her virtual home or at her virtual workplace or in a virtual bar or restaurant or just shopping with another virtual friend in a virtual shopping mall. The user can watch the characters during these activities and interact with them via the mobile phone. The characters and the game follow a certain daily and weekly schedule which will continuously change and progress over time."

This article features a 3G based game that was created. I was impressed by the idea of implementing a 'girlfriend' game on a phone. A game like this will really be entertaining and (eheemm..) interesting.. Looking forward to get my hands on one of these... :-)
Junesh Raman @ 4:11 PM
Saturday, March 05, 2005

Interesting Article 7 

Business Idea for Mobile Commerce?

This is an interesting article that describes the potential market of Mobile Commerce and
various applications that was and can be created.
The article decribes one of the projects in our MB362 class (MEPS) "mobile wallet", which was
introduced recently.

"Such valued content includes information that has emotional or psychological pull, such as
horoscopes, or is needed urgently, such as share-market quotes. The information must be
delivered in a personalised, location-sensitive fashion to any device. Taking another approach
to m-commerce strategy, Ovum recommended service providers offer a mixture of paid and free content from the start. This is expected to immediately instil a sense of value in the
consumers' thinking - that content is worth paying for. This also would mean companies earned
revenues from the start. A mixed content business offers free basic services while charging for
more desirable, valuable premium content. "

Sounds like a good business idea for a newly emerging mobile commerce businesses.

Junesh Raman @ 3:39 PM
Friday, February 25, 2005

Interesting Article 6 
Impressed with Nokia Symbian OS phones? Wait a minute...

Have you guys ever heard of Linux operated mobiles. Motorola has aimed to release between eight and ten new Linux phones in 2005.

Having a mobile phone, powered by one of the most renowned Operating System, especially for its performance, stability and open source coding definitely sounds tempting.

Heading to stores to get your Symbian 3G phones? Think again! A lot of mobile phone makers are already switching to Linux OS, Samsung will be releasing its 3G Linux Operated phone this year.

"As for Nokia, it is the only one of the leading trio of mobile phone makers that has made no noise about Linux. That's not very surprising, however, since Nokia holds a major stake in Symbian, a vendor that Linux interests are trying to displace."

That explains the sad story of Nokia and its emotional ties with Symbian. Anyway, Linux operated mobile phones will definately change the mobile market, which is currently dominated by Symbian OS.
Junesh Raman @ 12:10 AM